Thursday, 3 December 2009

I am Sue harrison salon owner of HARRISONS HAIR TEAM based in Ashford and Sandgate in Kent.I cannot believe it has taken so long for this product to reach me !!!!
I am A firm believer that Betty is the best product of its kind to buy.
It is easy to use , fast to develop and once that box is open you can get more than one application so it is great value.
Try it now and have some fun !!!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Betty Beauty Appearance on Jay Leno!

Here's a still image from Betty founder Nancy Jarecki's appearance on Jay Leno. The full video can be found here.
It's definitely an entertaining introduction to the world of pubic hair dye...

More press and features coming soon!


The Look Lush Team

Top 5 Reasons To Dye Your Pubic Hair


The sight of a few rogue grey hairs protuding from your head scalp is one thing, but greys in the nether regions are a different nightmare completely.

Pubic hair dye allows you the comfort and security of knowing that if your date goes well, you won't have to worry about the silver fox lurking in your underpants.


The speech went down a treat, and the reception is beginning to wind down. Time to retire upstairs with your beautiful spouse for a night of passion before jetting off on your honeymoon.

But can you imagine their face when things get frisky, far from revealing the normal dusky browns characteristic of your pubic thatch - you actually reveal a dazzling display of Malibu Blue, or Sexy Lilac?

Please note : sunglasses required.


Being a nudist has one drawback - you can't use clothes or fashion accessories to convey your personality. Instead, you have to rely on either the words that come out of your mouth (what a shame) or hope that you have a spectacular body where it matters.

These problems are now a thing of the past with Betty Pubic Hair Dye, as you can convey any character you choose! It's a great ice breaker too. Some examples :

  • Love Red - Dangerous, lives life on the edge

  • Lucky Green - Interested in environmental issues

  • Malibu Blue - Patriotic

  • Sexy Lilac - I'm only here to look, stop talking to me

  • Blond - Swedish, or just a poser


    It's all very well dying your hair brown before a hot date in an attempt to hide your oddly coloured barnet, but what happens if things go better than planned as a result?

    You'll be discovered for the lying cheeky rascal you really are, unless - you dye your shameful hair 'down there' alongside your head and chest hair.

    Good luck.


    Don't worry, it's really easy to go back to your original colour, we promise.


    The Look Lush Team

    Welcome to the new Look Lush blog!

    Look Lush are the latest resellers of Betty Beauty products, and this is our new blog!

    For those not in the know, Betty Beauty is one of the most talked about products in hair care - it's hair dye for the hair down there, if you get our meaning. Pubic hair dye is used mainly to cover greys, but others have found use in Betty as a novelty item.

    Betty pubic hair dye has been featured in some of the most prestigious fashion periodicals in the American media; including Vanity Fair, Vogue, People and Oprah Magazine. It's also been featured on prime-time cable chat show Tonight with Jay Leno, and has been personally endorsed by the likes of P.Diddy. Phew!

    The success of the product in the US has led to the launch of Look Lush - UK based resellers of Betty Beauty. We sell the most popular colours in the Betty range, such as Malibu Bridal Blue and Lucky Green.

    So welcome to our blog - we'll be updating regularly with Betty news, promotions press, reviews and features. Keep your eye out for those and we'll be back soon!


    The Look Lush Team