Thursday, 14 January 2010

Light your lover's fire this Valentine's Day!


It's a horrible month, isn't it? The decorations are down, it's cold, and you're back to work.

"What is there to look forward to now?", you might be asking yourself. "This is horrible!"

But luckily, there's a passionate red glow at the end of the love tunnel, floating towards you this coming Valentine's Day.

That's right, February 14th is nearly upon us, and what better way to show your love and redefine the term 'romance' than with a packet of Betty Beauty Love Red.

You'll never forget the look on your lover's face when they reveal your beautiful red Betty - it's a novelty item that's sure to drive your partner into a fiery frenzy this Valentine's Day.

Betty Love Red is formulated especially for use around those sensitive areas, and contains a surprising amount of organic ingredients. Betty Love Red is also free from ammonia, and like all the other products in our range, has not been tested on animals.

It doesn't have to just be the roses or the love hearts bursting with fiery, romantic, passionate deep red this Valentine's Day - buy a box of Betty Love and join the party this Febraury 14th.

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